Workshop - Urban Art Auction (208)

Samstag, 14 September, 2013
16:00 - 18:00


Samstag ab 16H mit einen Einführungsworkshop in die Welt der Kunst und des Auktionsgeschäfts. Die gesammelten Werke entführen den Betrachter in imaginative Welten und zeigen dabei den immerwährenden Wandel der Kunst. Auf ihrem Weg ins 21. Jahrhundert hat die Streetart ihren Underground- Status abgelegt und hält Einzug in die Galerien und Wohnungen unserer Großstädte. 


As paste ups peel and tear, stencils riddled with tags mark the urban landscape. 40 years after the emergence of adrenaline filled expression hits the concrete, a new term is proclaimed: Urban Art. Developing out of the raw underground movements of Graffiti and Street art, it now holds its own in the white cube. This new trend is rapidly securing spots in major galleries and collections, what is excitingly unique about this popular movement is the leverage it has with the ordinary viewer and its cuttingly edgy laymen’s terms and theories.

This auction deems to levitate this even further, allowing a platform for new and original works to begin their correspondence with the general public on another level, leaving the street corners and car parks to enter living rooms and offices alike. Another increasingly overlooked area of Urban Art is its affordability and outreach to the new collector, you see these designs and slogans in array of techniques from silkscreen prints, canvas and drawings each artist embraces new methods of reproducing and distributing imagery carefully attuning their language, codes and styles.

Each artist represented in this auction has been specifically chosen for their eclectic ability to push the boundaries of this up and coming movement further, continually re-inventing themselves and the rich imaginative worlds they paint and allow us to catch a glimpse of.

Auction Day: Sunday September 15th from 18:00 onwards

An online version of the catalogue is available Follow this link.

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